Question: My staff uses different computers at different times. Can I still track multiple computers under one staff? Does it require more than one license?
Answer: Berqun allows combining multiple staff records under one staff. This can be configured in Staff List. Berqun is licensed per staff. Even though a staff uses multiple computers it is treated as a single license.

Berqun consolidates tracking data from multiple computers under one staff record. Please note that if data comes from both computers at the same time -concurrent data flow- unproductive data gains priority to be seen at the top. Example: If employee uses two computers and on one computer let's say unproductive activity (youtube) is happening and on the other computer Excel is actively being used, youtube activity gains priority and displayed as the current activity.

Below steps describes how to combine multiple staff records under one staff. This action cannot be undone, please perform with care:

In staff list, click on "Duplicate record fix button"

Click on Duplicate Record Fix Button

Select staff records which actually point to the same staff to combine

Select Records to combine

Click on Fix button to finalize combining records

Clickon Fix button
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